What sets us apart is our innovative approach to clean and healthy eating. Our juices are pressed daily in our kitchen lab and are packed with nutritional goodness. Our food is fresh and is always “just made”. Our recipes are unique and offer a wide range of health benefits. Our trendy shop is a great place to enjoy the cozy atmosphere and friends’ company.

We believe there are no shortcuts to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in the long term. Instead, it’s a result of the commitment to a balanced nutrition, regular exercise and positive thought.

Nourishing your body with “clean” & nutritious food is the only way to maintain health in the long-term. What makes us so unique are our values:


Our in-house nutritionists and chefs are constantly discovering healthy, inspiring and nutritious recipes using fresh organic and seasonal vegetables, fruit, herbs, spices, nuts and natural supplements. We love experimenting and testing out new recipes and encourage creativity and new ideas. This in turn leads to the unique recipes. We plan to keep things this way! 


We press all our juices early in the morning and throughout the day using our hydraulic cold-press. This way we can ensure freshness and natural conservation of all nutrients, vitamins, minerals and good enzymes. We never use artificial additives, colourings, flavours or any type of preservatives. We don’t use pasteurization because it kills vitamins. We make RAW & REAL juice.


We strive to create a healthier community. We organize various community-building events, health related lectures and seminars as we believe that through such activities we help to form a stronger and healthier society. We aim to bring value to the public through our collaboration with yoga schools, gyms, fitness centres, and other like-minded health promoting companies and charities.


Sustenance of the environment is at the heart of our business. We are committed to recycling packaging and minimising waste. We focus our efforts on improving energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint of our shop. We only use either compostable or 100% recycable packaging. As a nature dependant business we appreciate the need to raise awareness about enviromnent conservation.