We believe that a kitchen is a laboratory. We love experimenting but we also believe in accuracy and precision in our recipes. Our chefs use measuring containers, spoons and scales to make sure that each product is made to perfection. For us it’s essential that there is the right amount of each ingredient in every recipe so you get a well-balanced, healthy and delicious tasting juice or meal. Our products are made fresh every morning and through the day in our on-site kitchen which is kept chilled to preserve freshness and nutritional quality. This way we can be sure of the quality and unique health benefiting tastes of our products. We constantly discover new recipes using seasonal ingredients so that you will never get bored.

We use the Norwalk hydraulic cold-press juicers that ensures that ingredients are never heated above 40. This process minimises heat and oxygen and retains up 5 times more essential minerals, vitamins and enzymes than by any other juicer. It also yields the most nutrient-rich and better tasting juice that can be naturally conserved for up to 72 hours if refrigerated. Our juices are pulp and fibre free which allows for quick and effortless absorption and digestion, giving your digestive system a short break.

We oppose centrifugal juicers introduce much heat and oxygen to the process instantly destroying vitamins, minerals and living enzymes.