Unlike conventional, organic farming prohibits any use of chemical fertilisers, artificial pesticides and herbicides. Instead, organic farmers mainly rely on naturally fertile soil, crop rotation techniques and use of compost. It does not allow any artificial food additives while genetic modification (GM) is also banned. Organic farming works with nature rather than against it helping to sustain the environment and encourage diversity of wildlife!

Today organic farmers are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with conventional farmers as organic produce takes more time and care to grow. We realise the key role organic farmers have in our society and are proud to support them continuously. We only use organic ingredients from small-scale farmers and carefully select our organic ingredients. We strongly believe they contain more vitamins, nutrients and minerals than non-organic, have less (or no) nasty chemicals, pesticides and traces of fertilizers, pack more flavour and are better for animals and the environment. 

Juicing non-organic produce, especially fruit and vegetables with thin skins, may mean that your “healthy” green juice is really a concoction of nasty chemicals – not so healthy after all. The flavour and nutrient-density of organic produce is also far superior to the non-organic versions meaning our juices taste a little juicier and our salads fresher and more flavoursome.